Sorry, kid. [US Edition]

by a balladeer



Sorry, kid. is the singer/songwriter album he always wanted to make, but never dared to. Marinus de Goederen (hü-deren), aka a balladeer, sums up his latest album up in one sentence. For the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Where Are You, Bambi Woods? (2010) he finally followed in the footsteps of his heroes Bruce Springsteen, Tori Amos, Damien Rice and Joni Mitchell. All singer/songwriters with their heart on their sleeves. “They have taught me to be as honest as possible.”

After having made an album that seemed mostly about others, like Jackie Kennedy, porn star Bambi Woods and Matthew Shepard, for this album he felt the urge to go as deep as he could, inside of himself. Sorry, kid. became a pretty dark album about being alone and not being able to make a real connection with someone else. Some people might not find it very comfortable. But that was what he was going for. A bit dark, but very melodic.

“I never had a soul mate. That’s why I don’t fit in.” The first lines of ‘Why Hitler Loved His Dog’ are a slap in the face and represents one of the album’s darker songs. ‘A Little Rain Has Never Hurt No One’ sounds like an evergreen, a song that’s always been around, while ‘One Sunday’ can be labelled a murder ballad. ‘How I Hurt My Heels’ tells the story of a swing set accident.

As usual, De Goederen wrote the album all by himself, but for the first time he added a new title to his contribution, that of co-producer. He asked Martin Wenk (Calexico) and Martijn van Agt (Anouk) to play on the album and was also very pleased to work with the clarinetist and the string quartet of Holland’s number one orchestra: The Metropole Orchestra. De Goederen: “They cost me a fortune, but they were worth every penny of it!” After having begged his record company EMI Music to make an album distinct from his prior two, De Goederen financed the new album himself. “I didn’t want to make any compromises as I would have if Sorry, kid. was released on a major label.”

The second, bonus disc is a compilation of the two singles a balladeer released in The Netherlands and includes three extra songs, a few remixes plus ‘And So Is Love’, a cover song by Kate Bush.

a balladeer’s second album Where Are You Bambi Woods? (ZIP065 in the US) entered the Dutch Album Chart at #16 and was nominated for a Dutch Grammy award. Having played at Holland’s biggest outdoor festival (Lowlands), a balladeer has also opened for such notable artists as Keane, Live, Beth Hart, Jay Brannan, etc.

Perhaps of most interest, on the Holland’s Next Top Model TV show, the music of a balladeer is heard each time a “Top Model” becomes teary eyed—a common occurrence!

Marinus de Goederen will be making appearances in the US this summer (west coast and New York) and radio promotion for the focus track ‘A Little Rain Has Never Hurt No One’ will begin in the middle of June.


released July 3, 2012

all songs written by Marinus de Goederen

except for 'And So Is Love'
written by Kate Bush
published by Kate Bush Music Ltd.
© and ℗ 1993 Novercia Ltd.

mixed by René de Vries and Martijn Groeneveld
mastered by Martijn Groeneveld
string and clarinet arrangements by Tim Coenen

recorded by René de Vries at Dufry Music, Bart Wagemakers at Studio Zeezicht, Holger Swedt at Shamrock, Bart Erkelens at Edisound, Michel Vermeulen at Studio Peggy 51 and by Martijn van Agt, Bas Kennis, Martin Wenk, Tim Coenen and Marinus de Goederen at their homes

feedback by Buffi Duberman, Niels Aalberts and Charlie Dée

embroidery by emjan
photography by Maurits Giesen
layout and typography by Carsten Lund Thomsen at ElevenCars


all rights reserved



a balladeer Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dutch singer/songwriter best known for the hit 'Swim with Sam'. In 2009 a balladeer's sophomore album 'Where Are You, Bambi Woods?' was nominated for a Dutch Grammy. In the past a balladeer has been the support of Keane, Live, Saybia, Jay Brannan, Beth Hart, Gabriel Rios, The Feeling and Tom McRae. ... more

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Track Name: Mars
so it's not in the stars
or in the shape of the moon
but we are both from Mars
and before you know it

it is June

the sky might not be clear
all I know is that you're here

and you could just fear the dark
or you could just spend the night
I'm no beauty
but I hope I'm alright

please, don't have to leave
but explain how love can harm
I swear to you I too can make you cum
and cry in my arms

I might not sound too clear
but I do know that you're here

so you could just fear the dark
or you could just spend the night
I'm no beauty
but I hope I'm alright

I could just kill the spark
or I could just dim the lights
I'm no beauty
but I hope I'm alright

cause I don't feel alright
Track Name: Why Hitler Loved His Dog
I never had a soul mate

that's why I don’t fit in
that's why I like the city
that's why I loved Berlin

that's why I like the highway
that's why I hit the tar
that's why I like the silence
that's why I'm in the dark

that's why I like the movies
that's why I like my music loud enough
that's why I blow up stories
that's why I idolize my long gone loves

that's why I sometimes stutter
that's why I bottle up
that's why I started drinking
that's why I’m scared of drugs

that's why Hesse made up Goldmund
that's why Henderson got fucked
that's why Hanley cuffed those street boys
that's why Hitler loved his dog

that's why I want a woman
that's why I favor men
that's why I got called 'faggot'
that's why I need a friend
Track Name: A Little Rain Has Never Hurt No One
all the clouds have silver linings
and don't block the sun too long
there's a saying that
a little rain never hurt no one

when I'm back from stormy weather
and the damage has been done
I tell myself
a little rain never hurt no one

no one

save your drama for your mama
mine says: "learn to rise above"
men who fear get hit as well
but I'm too scared of love

what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
father says: "the best defense is a good offence"
so pacifists like me don't stand a chance

no chance

all the clouds have silver linings
and don't block the sun too long
there's a saying that
a little rain never hurt no one

I know how to count my blessings
that the better things in life are free
but I can't help but think
a little rain has never hurt no one but me
Track Name: When A Law's Been Broken
there's no 'is', only 'was', when a heart's been broken
there's no faith, just a cross, when a heart's been broken

there are sins
there are drugs, when a heart's been broken
there are cloaks
there are rugs, when a law's been broken
there are floods, no more straws, when a heart’s been broken
there are flaws, many flaws, when a heart’s been broken

oh, man

there is scorn
there is grudge when a heart’s been broken

I don’t laugh just as much since my heart got broken
Track Name: What The World Needs Now Is A Killer Storm
let the sun go down unnoticed
let the clouds prepare to pour
let a pebble hail take over
let the water flow ashore

killer storm

make the wind go shake the houses
where it’s cozy, nice and warm
hurt the elder’s ears with thunder
scare the orphans in the dorms

killer storm

strike the cattle in the meadows
make the frogs come down in swarms
keep the lifeboats from the harbors
and the sailors far offshore

killer storm

for the fall-out
for the brawlers
for the bribes
for the wars that won't be won
for the Bible or the big bang
for really every gun that's gone off
for the fathers under cover
for their struggle while 'loving' others' sons
for the con men
for the weak hand
for all of the above

what the world needs now ain't love

make the only few survivors
gaze at rainbows galore
when they’re crying out to Jesus
hand the land back to their Lord
Track Name: Noah
the rain pours down in sheets
and the sky is gray
the sun just won’t come out
and it’s been like this for days

what if Noah had been here
and said he spoke to God
what if Noah had been here
to warn about the flood

now I’m a disbeliever
but he just might be right
it has rained and poured before
forty days and forty nights

what if Noah had been here
and said he spoke to God
what if Noah had been here
to warn about the flood

Noah did like God commanded
and built a gopher wooden ark
God said He'd wipe away the earth
as He had made it -

no one cared to hark

one pair of each creature
invited high and dry
both male and female
so that they could multiply

well, if Noah had been here
I would kick him in the shin
cause if Noah had been here
he just would not let me in
Track Name: One Sunday
and you wake me on a Sunday
and you sit me up in bed
and you talk in only whispers
and you praise the day ahead
and you throw me your old sweater
and you get me in my pants
and you help me tie a shoelace when you tell me of your plan

and you put me on the subway
and you hold my head up high
and you nod at sad eyed widows
and you watch the clouds roll by
and you walk me to the harbor
and you take me by the hand
and you lead me through the market past the bonbon stand

and you point at starving seagulls
and you imitate their sound
and you trick me to the river where there’s no one else around
and you pull me in the water
and you kiss me on cocaine
and you push and keep me under and change the kind of pain

and you take me from the harbor in your arms and in your hands
and you lead me through the market
and you pass the bonbon stand
and you put me on the subway
and you hold my head up high
and you smile at dressy Christians while their kids play in the aisle
and you tip the morning desk clerk
and you lay me back in bed
and you say I’m more than welcome
and you leave me there more alive than dead
Track Name: How I Hurt My Heels
mother was not that alert
and I did not try to pull at her skirt
that day when on the swing set

I hurt my heels

father says I had indeed
this thing for height, this thing for speed
that does not quite explain how

I hurt my heels
Track Name: More Or Less The Sort Of Shit Ex-Lovers Get Restraining Orders For
hi - hi, it's me again
second time today
but this time with a plan

don't - don't be mad at me
I was hoping we could talk
and maybe flee

now the playground's closed
we can go someplace somewhere else
I could show you the smell
and the sound of fresh cut grass

so go get dressed

I - I respect your choice
yes, I read you
there's no need to raise your voice

go - go back inside
we don’t want to wake the neighbors
or my Hyde

I'm so tired of being a saint all by myself
I guess you don't really know me all that well


I need help
I need help

to hell with these patterns and all those parallels
how come no one wants to know me all that well?

please, do tell

if – if I slit my wrists
I would bleed to death
to show you I exist

don't - don't call the cops
just tell me you don’t love me
and I'm off

well, I'll be off

but I'll be back
Track Name: Eleven
I miss the little boy I was
with shiny hair and starry eyes
and an oh so much stronger heart
and my mother's love

the backyard wasn't big enough
the world all full of surprises
that I wanted to be part of

so I put on his smile
just once again
dress up to the nines
without a chance
I close my eyes
and count to ten

and eleven

candle wishes don't come true
the fallen stars I called upon
might have been somebody else's
but now what's the harm in me still trying

it takes a fool to fill my shoes
I'm number one in cut and run
the milk is spilled
it's no use crying

so I put on a smile
just once again
dressed up to the nines
without a chance
I close my eyes
and count to ten

then eleven
Track Name: When A 
Law’s Been Broken (Timo Rozendal remix)
remixed an

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